Junior Results and Table
Senior Results and Table
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  • Junior games – 2 x 12 minute halves.
  • Senior games – 2 x 17 minute halves.
  • There will be 2 minutes break between each half.


  • Seniors will be umpired under normal netball rules. If unsure of the rules of netball, the following website might help:
  • Junior games will be umpired under the following modified rules:
  • Equipment – A size 4 netball is used
  • Catching – players are allowed 6 seconds between catching and throwing the ball.
  • Footwork – minimum shuffling when catching and throwing to regain balance is allowed, but always encourage correct footwork.
  • Defending – players must be 4ft (1.2m) from the player with the ball when defending. No defence of the shot is allowed.
  • Obstruction/contact – a player who contacts or obstructs is not stood out of play. The umpire will blow the whistle for the infringement but will allow the player to continue after a brief explanation.


  • No rings, earrings or other jewellery is to be worn on the court.
  • Fingernails must be short. Children cannot play in bare feet.
  • Positional patches and school uniform must be worn.

Equipment Checklist

    • Each school should bring with them each week:
    • 1 or 2 sets of positional patches
    • 1 whistle
    • At least one size 4 and one size 5 netball
    • Netball goal post protectors (please collect from the shed at the courts and attach to the posts when you arrive at the courts)
  • First Aid kit