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  • Each team consists of 9-12 players. There are 9 positions to be filled on the field, with the minimum on the field being 7 players.
  • Reserves can be substituted and their name replaces that of the retiring player in the batting order.

Equipment and Safety:

  • All players must wear runners. No cleats are allowed in this T-Ball competition.
  • Equipment should be suitable to the size, strength and ability of the students.
  • All fielders must wear mitts. All batters and base runners must wear helmets. All fielders must wear their caps set straight. Shin guards are recommended for in-fielders, but are not compulsory. The designated catcher must wear a helmet and chest plate.
  • A safety base is set next to 1st base.
  • The umpire must remove the tee after each fair hit.


  • The tee is in front of but not touching the home plate. Only the umpire can touch the tee and removes it after any fair hit.
  • The diamond is set in 18 paces between the bases to form a diamond. A safety base is set next to the first base.

Playing Rules

  • Stealing – Runners can not steal bases in T-Ball.
  • Fly Ball – Runners must stay in contact with the base until the ball is caught or touches a fielder or the ground before advancing to the next base.
  • Interference – Fielders must not block the runner’s path unless they have the ball. If intentional, advance the runner to the base they were heading for. Base runners must not interfere with player’s fielding the ball. If intentional, the runner is out.
  • Tagging – All unforced runners must be tagged.
  • Overthrow– On an overthrow into foul territory, the base runners are entitled to the base they are running to, plus advance one more base.
  • Strikes – A strike is called on any ball that is struck at, including fouls, or missed completely. One warm up swing is allowed. A fair hit travels in or through the diamond.
  • Foul Ball – A foul is when a player hits more of the tee than the ball or missing the tee, or if the ball doesn’t travel further than 2 m from the tee. It is also a foul when the ball is hit or settles outside the field of play.
Automatic Out
  • 3 strikes (including fouls) and the batter doesn’t make first base.
  • Fly ball is caught and the runner can’t beat the ball back to their base and a fielder holds the ball on that base. No tag is required.
  • Caught ball no bounce.


  • Batter throws the bat dangerously (give one warning).
  • When the ball reaches and is held on first base before the runner.
  • The runner is tagged before reaching any base (ball must be held after the tag is made).
  • Runner does not touch a base. If they have to return to that base it is done in the reverse order.
  • The base runner is tagged when over running or foot off 2nd or 3rd base.
  • Runner leaves the base before the ball leaves the tee after ‘play ball’ is called.
  • A base runner overtakes the runner in front of him.

Forced Out

  •  Where a base runner fails to leave a base when a runner is running to it. Two base runners can not occupy one base.