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General Information

  • Please make the ARL’s National Safeplay Code booklet (available for download from and the following rules familiar to any parents from your school that are assisting with coaching. Please make discussion of the Safeplay Code and rules a regular part of your training sessions.
  • All teams in the Ridges PSSA Rugby League Comp will have plenty of beginners. Our emphasis must be on safety and skill development. Our aim is to encourage all players to enjoy their involvement in the competition and possibly encourage some to join a weekend team.
  • All schools participating in rugby league must make themselves familiar with the requirements laid out in the ‘Guidelines for the Safe Conduct of Sport and Physical Activity in Schools’ ( There are no minimum coaching qualifications required, however Principals are required to sign a Details of Coaches form which listscoaches’ qualifications and experiences (in Guidelines for the Safe Conduct of Sport and Physical Activity in Schools). Both Penrith and Parramatta regularly run coaching courses – contact your local Development Officer for details.
  • Remember – it’s only PSSA, not first grade!  Players and spectators need to be aware that we are all doing our best, some with limited experience. The bottom line is that if we don’t have teachers coaching and refereeing games we have no competition. Referees are encouraged to provide advice and assistance whilst refereeing – particularly in early rounds, as long as it is to both teams. Coaching from the sidelines is not permitted.
  • Please ensure that your players are in the correct age group. 
  • Each team is to provide one touch judge each Friday.  The touch judge may be a senior with good decision making skills.

Junior Rules

  • 11 players on the field (Under 10 Mod rules – apart form Zone modifications as outline herein)
  • 15 minute halves, 2 minute half-time (time permitting
  • Modified field: sidelines and try lines to be moved in 10m – mark out field with domes (full field is fine if both coaches agree)
  • Kicks for goal to be taken from in front of the goal posts, roughly on the 10m line – can be place kicks or drop kicks
  • Junior re-starts after a try: the team that had the try scored against them takes a tap from the centre line. This will even out possession and encourage even out possession to facilitate skill development.

Senior Rules

  • 13 players on the field (Under 10 Mod rules – apart form Zone modifications as outline herein)
  • 20 minute halves, 2 minute half-time (time permitting)
  • Full field, unless no goal post covers are available – if this is the case, play the 10 metre line as the try line.
  • Goal kicks to be taken in line with where the try was scored, unless the try is scored between the 20 metre line and the sideline; in this case the kick for goal is to be moved 20 m in from the sideline – can be place kicks or drop kicks
  • Senior-starts after a try: the team that had the try scored against them takes a tap from the centre line.

General Rules

  • Must alternate the players who kick for goal – no player may kick twice unless all other players on the field have had a turn (only ARL/NRL approved kicking tees to be used)
  • No scrums, play the first infringement
  • Unlimited interchange; please try to ensure that all players receive game time equal to approximately one half, e.g. for juniors 3 five minute patches of play equals 15 minutes total time on field.
  • No stripping of the football, even one-on-one
  • One marker; must stay ‘square’ with the play-the-ball
  • Five metres back in defence (not ten)
  • Marker and defensive line cannot move forward until the first receiver catches the ball
  • There must be two passes (or ball exchanges, i.e. kicks) from the play ball, i.e. hooker to first receiver, first receiver to other – if a tackle is executed before two passes (or ball exchanges, i.e. kicks) take place there is to be a changeover of possession (apart from when in own 10m zone where only one pass is required)
  • No bombs – kicks that travel a greater distance in height to length or that gain a team a time advantage rather than a field position advantage
  • No field goals
  • Zero tackle – when a player:
  • runs the ball after fielding a kick-off,
  • runs after a tap,
  • runs after a kick in general play, or
  • picks up a ball lost by the opposition and does not pass, kick or drop the ball,
  • this will be deemed a zero tackle
  • ALL tries are worth four points, regardless of how many passes; this makes the referee’s job a bit easier

General notes

  • If no post covers are available, use 10 metre line as the try line.
  • Most weeks a development officer should be present to referee games. In cases where they can not attend teachers and/or qualified parents may referee.
  • If your school has goal post pads can they please bring them each week.