Trial and Carnival Information

Please Note

Any student interested in trialling for any Ridges team, MUST HAVE SIGNED PERMISSION from their school. NO STUDENT will be permitted to trial without this signed authority. This is for safety and legal reasons. If you are interested in trialling for a Ridges team please seek assistance from your school.
Sydney West trials are ONLY for those students who have been selected by Ridges. Any successful applicant is given a signed permission note, which is to be completed and presented at the trial.

TERM 1 2020
SPORT DATE VENUE (Click on Venue for map)
Ridges Cricket Trials February 13 2020 Ponds High School
Ridges AFL February 17 2020  TBA
Ridges Open Rugby League Trials February 24 2020 Oakville Public School
Ridges Basketball Trials February 25 2020 John Palmer Public School
Netball  March 10 2020 John Palmer Public School
Boys and Girls Touch Football Trials March 24 2020 Rouse Hill Public School
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SPORT  DATE VENUE (Click on Venue for map)
Ridges Swimming Carnival Tuesday March 3 2020 Blacktown Aquatic Centre
Ridges Cross Country Friday May 22 2020 Paterson Reserve, Quakers Hill
Ridges Athletics Carnival Friday August 20 2020 Blacktown  International Sports Park