OZ-Tag Rules

General Organisation 

  • Junior Teams will play three 8 minute thirds with 2 minutes between each third.
  • The team consists of 7 players each. At least 3 girls must be on the field at all times.
  • Senior Teams will play three 10 minute thirds with 2 minutes between each third.
  • Juniors may play up in the senior team but not vice versa.

Teams, Field, Equipment

  • No more than 7 players per team on the field at a time.
  • Number of reserves is up to individual schools.
  • Matches played on a half field (50×30 approx) 

 Kick Offs

  • Kick offs are taken from the centre of the half way line at the start of the game. All kick offs must be taken from the ground and the ball must not go above shoulder height.
  • A kick off must travel a minimum distance of 10 metres. Otherwise a penalty tap is given to the receiving team at the centre of the half way line.
  • If a kick goes beyond the receiving team’s try line, the receiving team must restart play with a goal line dropout.
  • If the kick off goes over the sideline, the kicking team will receive a free tap at the point where it crossed the sideline. This rule must only be enforced if there are markers highlighting the 10 metre mark. If no such markings are present then the team kicking the ball must retake the kick off.

 Play the Ball

  • Ball must be played with the foot.
  • Ball must be placed where the tag was made.
  • There are no markers from the defending team. After a tag is made all defenders must be in line with the referee (7-8 metres from the play the ball.)
  • The defending team cannot move up till the dummy half has passed the ball or begins to run


  • A tag is made when one tag is removed from an attacking players belt.
  • The tagger must place the tag on the ground where the tag took place.
  • The ball carrier must play the ball at this mark.
  • The ball carrier must replace their tag immediately after playing the ball.
  • After a defending team completes six tags they will receive a turn over of possession. The game restarts with a play the ball.


  • The dummy half must pass the ball. If a dummy half is tagged a turn over of possession will occur.
  • Dummy half cannot score a try.

Kicking on the 6th Tag

  • The attacking team may kick on their 6th tag only.
  • The kick must be below shoulder height.
  • A kick passing the try line is out of play. If no defender has touched the ball the defending team will receive a tap start from the centre of their quarter line.


  • These occur when;
  • the ball is knocked on
  • a pass accidently travels forward
  • the player in possession goes over the sideline
  • the attacking team is tagged on 6 consecutive plays
  • the dummy half is tagged whilst carrying the ball
  • the ball is kicked over the sideline on the last play

One Tag Rule

  • If a player receives the ball and has only one tag on their belt, that player is deemed to be tagged and must play the ball where they received the ball. If a tag falls off whilst a player is carrying the ball a tag will be played where the tag fell off. 


  • All tries are worth 4 points.
  • After a try is scored the defending team will restart play with a tap off from the centre of the half way line.