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General Rules
  • A tag is made when one tag is removed from an attacking players belt.
  • The tagger must place the tag on the ground where the tag took place.
  • The ball carrier must play the ball at this mark.
  • The ball carrier must replace their tag immediately after playing the ball.
  • After a defending team completes six tags they will receive a turn over of possession. The game restarts with a play the ball.


  • The dummy half must pass the ball. If a dummy half is tagged a turn over of possession will occur.
  • Dummy half cannot score a try.

Kicking on the 6th Tag

  • The attacking team may kick on their 6th tag only.
  • The kick must be below shoulder height.
  • A kick passing the try line is out of play. If no defender has touched the ball the defending team will receive a tap start from the centre of their quarter line.


  • These occur when;
  • the ball is knocked on
  • a pass accidently travels forward
  • the player in possession goes over the sideline
  • the attacking team is tagged on 6 consecutive plays
  • the dummy half is tagged whilst carrying the ball
  • the ball is kicked over the sideline on the last play

One Tag Rule

  • If a player receives the ball and has only one tag on their belt, that player is deemed to be tagged and must play the ball where they received the ball. If a tag falls off whilst a player is carrying the ball a tag will be played where the tag fell off. 


  • All tries are worth 4 points.
  • After a try is scored the defending team will restart play with a tap off from the centre of the half way line.