Hall Of Fame


Hall of Fame

2013Rouse Hill AKellyville Ridge and ParkleaIronbark RidgeRouse Hill A
2014Kellyville RidgeRouse HillRouse HillKellyville Ridge
2015Kellville Ridge and Ironbark RidgeN/AKellville RidgeIronbark Ridge
2016Kellyville Ridge & Rouse Hill & ParkleaN/ARouse HillIronbark Ridge
2017Kellyville RidgeRouse HillOakvilleRouse Hill
2018Kellyville RidgeJohn Palmer and Rouse Hill 1Rouse HillOakville And Kenthurst
2019ParkleaQuakers Hill EastIronbark RidgeKellyville Ridge and Oakville
2020N/A - CovidN/A - CovidN/A - CovidN/A - Covid
2021N/A - CovidN/A - CovidN/A - CovidN/A - Covid
2022Ironbark RidgeNorth KellyvilleJohn PAlmerOakville
2023Ironbark RidgeJohn Palmer and Rouse HillIronbark RidgeJohn Palmer