Newcombe Ball

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General Information

  • Following the toss, players take up their position on the court.
  • No conferences between the coach and the team once a set has started.
  • The umpire calls ‘Set’ when all players are in position and the court is quiet/still.  No calling is allowed after set is called.  The umpire calls ‘Serve’ to commence the rally.  The only calling out permitted is the call from the front row for a ball on service.
  • The ball must be caught on the full, it must not bounce first.
  • The ball must be thrown from the point where it was caught.
  • Players (including the Server) may only hold the ball for 3 seconds.
  • The ball may be passed to other team members to the side or front of the player holding the ball but not behind and it must be returned by the third player who receives it.
  • Players must not hit, punch or kick the ball.  If two hands are used the ball must not pass behind the line of the shoulders.
  • When serving or returning the ball, one foot must be on the ground.
  • Players can not step with the ball but may pivot on one foot.
  • Any ball that hits a player and is caught by another is not counted as a pass.
  • A pass is counted if the ball is touched by one player and subsequently caught by any other player.
  • The ball may be picked up from the net as long as a player does not step into the dead ball area.
  • If the ball is caught by, strikes or is touched by a player who is partially outside the court; play on.
  • If the ball is caught by a player who is wholly outside the court, point or service is lost by that side.
  • Rotate immediately before serving.

General Rules

  • 1 metre either side of the net.  This needs to be marked with red chalk on the court
  • No player can catch or return the ball whilst they are within the no ball area.
  • Point or service is lost if the ball lands in the no ball area of the service or returning side.
  • No player is to touch the net.


  • Teams change ends at the end of the set and maintain team positions, and the winning team rotates.
  • In the second and third set, the loser of the previous set is to serve.


  • The umpire’s call cannot be negotiated unless they choose to confer with the teacher from the opposing school.
  • Points can only be won by the server.
  • Teachers agree who will umpire and who will supervise.  Spectators can encourage their team until ‘Set’ is called by the umpire.  Any sledging or deliberate distraction will result in the loss of point/service.
  • Service is lost when the ball is dropped or put out by the team.
  • Service is won when the opposing teams wins the rally.
  • A point or service is awarded when –
  • The ball touches the ground wholly within the lines of the opposition’s court.
  • The service touches the net.
  • The ball is thrown out of the court, into or under the net or falls into neutral space.
  • An opposing player moves into the dead ball area or touches the net.
  • Interference or distraction by spectators or reserve players from the opposing team.
  • A player two hand passes from behind the head.

Deciding who wins the match

  • Each game is played until a team has scored 13 points with a 2 point margin.  If this is not achieved, play continues until a 2 point margin is gained.
  • Three games are played in the allocated time.  If time has run out, the team that has a winning margin of 2 points is awarded the game.
  • The team with the best of 3 games is awarded the match.
  • If this is not possible then a draw is declared.

Umpire Notes

  • Call out the score on service.
  • Penalise dangerous play, tantrums, bad language and any unsporting behaviour.