Hall Of Fame



Hall of Fame

2013Rouse Hill A and Quakers Hill EastKellyville RidgeKellyville Ridge and Rouse Hill AQuakers Hill East
2014Rouse HillKellyville Ridge and John PalmerKellyville RidgeIronbark Ridge and Quakers Hill East
2015Rouse HillKellville Ridge & John Palmer & Ironbark RidgeKellville RidgeIronbark Ridge & Quakers Hill East
2016John PalmerKellyville RidgeJohn Palmer Kellyville Ridge
2017Rouse Hill Kellyville RidgeJohn PalmerKellyville Ridge
2018John PalmerKellyville RidgeSchofieldsKellyville Ridge
2019John PalmerRouse HillRouse HillJohn Palmer & Quakers Hill East
2020N/A - CovidN/A - CovidN/A - CovidN/A - Covid
2021N/A - CovidN/A - CovidN/A - CovidN/A - Covid
2022John PalmerRouse HillJohn PalmerNorth Kellyville
2023Ironbark Ridge and John PalmerN/ANorth KellyvilleJohn Palmer and Riverbank