AFL Rules

The Team

  • A team shall consist of 12 players with any number of reserves. There must be a minimum of three (3) girls in each squad and there must be a minimum of two (2) girls on the field at all times.
  • The team will be divided into three (3) even field zones (i.e. a team of 12 will have 4 forwards, 4 centres and 4 backs).
  • Players are to maintain in nominated position for the entire third. Once the ball-up has taken place, players may move out of zone. To stop congestion the umpire may ask players to return to their zone during a stoppage.
  • At the competion of each third, players must change poaition.
  • Interchange or replacement of injured players may take place at any time. The new player taking the field must play the replaced players position until the end of the third.

Start of Play

  • The game shall be started by a ball -up (and restarted after each goal) between two players in the centre of the ground. Players contesting the ball-up should be of similar size and will be rotated.
  • A player may not grab the ball at the ball-up and play on. He must tap the ball and cannot play the bal again until another player has touched it.
  • Players to stay within their zones until the ball-up.

Out of Bounds

  • When the ball goes out of bounds a free kick is awarded against the team to last touch the ball. A player cannot kick for goal from an out of bounds free kick. If the umpire cannot determine which team last touched the ball then play will be restarted by a ball up ftrom where the ball went of bounds.


  • Players can
  • Hold or bear hug an opponent in possession of the ball with their hands between the shoulder and knees only.
  • Knock or steal the ball from an opponent’s hands.
  • Shepherd (no rough shepherding allowed)
  • NB: umpires can award a free kick against a tackle that is considered unnecessarily rough.  
  • Players cannot –                                                                                                     
  • Throw another player to the ground.
  • Push the opponent in the back.


  • A free kick is awarded to any player who fairly catches a kick providing the kick travels approximately ten (10) metres.

Bouncing the Ball

  • A player in possession of and running with the ball is permitted to bounce the ball once only before kicking or handballing. A player must bounce the ball every 10 metres.

Ball Transition

  • The ball must be touched by a different player in each zone.


  • A goal (6 points) is awarded when the ball is kicked between the two major posts without being touched by the opposition.
  • If the ball is touched before passing the two major posts or passes between the minor and major posts, 1 point is awarded.
  • Goals can only be scored by forwards (who are designated by a bib) within their team’s forward zone. Scores from other positions or from outside the forward zone do not count and then a ball-up takes place where the kick was taken.
  • After a goal is scored play re-starts with a ball up in the centre. After a point is scored play restarts with a kick from the defending team from between the two major posts.
  • The maximum winning margin in each match will be capped at 50 point. Once a 50 point margin is attained, offcial scoring will cease.