Ridges PSSA Executive

President - Mr L Hogan
Vice President - Mr J Storey
Treasurer - Mr A Lamont
Secretary - Mrs S Lakeman

School PSSA Representatives

Kellyville Ridge Public School - Mrs R Scott
Parklea Public School - Mr T Palmer
Oakville Public School - Mr R Burton
Schofields Public School - Mr J Storey
Rouse Hill Public School - Miss J Torta
Quakers Hill East Public School - Mr B Calderan
Riverstone Public School - Mr D England
Riverbank Public School - Mr N Lee
Ironbark Ridge Public School - Mrs K Pho
Kenthurst Public School - Mrs T Newton
John Palmer Public School - Mrs S Gill

PSSA Sport Conveners

Cricket - Mr B Cain
Softball/T-Ball - Mrs F Iredale
AFL - Mr D Pleffer
NRL- Oztag - Mr D England
Boys Soccer - Mr J Storey
Girls Soccer - Mrs F Iredale
Rugby League - Mr L Hogan
Netball - (PSSA Competition) Mrs M Conyers
Newcombe Ball - Mrs R Scott


Welcome to the Ridges PSSA website. It is designed to keep the Ridges community of schools informed and updated of all the happenings involved with sport. As the website develops we will be endeavouring to add more features, such as photo galleries, videos, a twitter account and an iPhone application. The website will be used to convey news and information, such as PSSA and Trial dates, sport and trial cancellations and any outstanding achievements. Feel free to explore the website and utilise all of it's features.


Any student interested in trialling for any Ridges team, MUST BE SELECTED BY THEIR SCHOOL AND HAVE SIGNED PERMISSION from their school. NO STUDENT will be permitted to trial without this signed authority. This is for safety and legal reasons. If you are interested in trialling for a Ridges team please seek assistance from your school. Sydney West trials are ONLY for those students who have been selected by Ridges. Any successful applicant is given a signed permission note, which is to be completed and presented at the trial.

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Twitter Account

Keep up to date with all Ridges News, including sport's trials, carnival dates, outstanding achievements and sport cancellations. Join Ridges PSSA on Twitter to keep informed of the latest information.

Breaking News

PSSA Cancelled
PSSA cancelled on Friday November 30th, due to ground closures.


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